South Florida residents BEWARE

South Florida residents, BEWARE: Aerial insecticide spraying to kill mosquitoes that potentially carry Zika virus has begun in Wynwood, Pinecrest and a 10 mile radius! Also, an undisclosed Larvicide as well. The EPA says the insecticide, Naled, is safe. A doctor says it’s a neurotoxin and stays in the air for 5 days after spraying. Who do you believe?… will your neighborhood be next? Next spray is scheduled for Saturday

GMOFFL speaks briefly to CBS 2 Michele Gillen:
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Naled is an organophosphate, studies suggest that exposure during pregnancy may be linked to Autism. Studies also suggest the level of Organophosphates in Children’s urine may be linked to ADHD.

Naled is an Adulticide, which means it only kills ADULT mosquitoes that are sprayed, it doesn’t kill the eggs of these mosquitoes so it’s not very effective. A better solution is a bacteria that has already been proven to work called WOLBACHIA. so, when the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito (one of the main mosquitoes that spread Zika) is exposed to Wolbachia, (even if the mosquito has been exposed to Zika) The Zika Virus doesn’t replicate well, and the mosquito is unable to transmit Zika to humans.

Wolbachia inhibits the replication of Dengue, Chickungunya, Yellow Fever Virus, Malaria Parasites and Filarial Nematodes with almost a zero 0% rate of offspring survival to adulthood and only costs $1.00 Per person, can save money and lessen spraying!

The Puerto Rican Gov’t said no to Naled, instead, they chose to spray an organic form of BT (Bti) We must look to Brazil and Puerto Rico for what is and is not working.

People that have a lowered immune system must be wary of the spraying, the larvicide AND the zika virus. Let’s hope that mosquito control will not also move ahead with the GMO Mosquitoes now. *We hope this does not mean Microcephaly here in the US.

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